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Getting Started


RRslide Library is designed to be as simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use as possible. It’s free and you can create unlimited number of presentations with it. Please choose what you want to get started with.

  • Slides Assets- Provide infographics, data visualizations (maps, diagrams, charts, etc.), and KPI dashboards.
  • Templates – Full of template package based on various niche as you need.
  • CV Assets – Land your dram job with résumé and cover letter that pop! See more design ideas here.
  • Social Media Assets – Want to run your business without worrying your Instagram feed? You’ll get what you want here.
  • 3D Assets – We also have 3D assets for .glb and .png version.
  • Image Stocks – Insert beautiful images from our photo stocks straight into your designs with free commercials used.

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