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Getting Started

Quick Start

To use the RRslide Library Add-ins, you only need to follow two easy steps. Start downloading the Add-in and creating an account.

Based on the requirements from Microsoft, the only PowerPoint with 15.24 version(160614) until the latest version that is available with this Add-ins feature.

1. Adding RRslide Library Add-ins to PowerPoint

You can easily add RRslide Library Add-Ins with the Get Add-in feature. We provide several step-by-step guides based on the Operating System you are using.

2. Login/Sign up on your account

Before using RRslide Library Add-in, you need to login or sign up first. If you already have an account on rrslide.com, then you can also use it for adding this Add-ins.

Here’s how to get an RRslide Library account:

  1. Create an account at rrslide.com/register.
  2. Create an account on Add-ins Sign Up page itself.
    Enter the RRslide Library Add-ins > select Sign Up > fill up your data > click on Create Account.

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